Zebrie Sanders


4-year starter. Spent most of his career at RT, but switched over to the left side in 2011 to take Andrew Datko’s place. Up and down showing. Sanders simply isn’t a good enough pass blocker to handle top rushers.

Has okay feet. Plays with good pad level. Reaches sometimes in pass pro. Awkward in pass pro. Poor hand-foot coordination. Feet slow up when he uses hands to engage rushers. Solid run blocker. Good effort. Has power. Comes off the ball well. Aggressively engages the defender. Not a smooth, natural athlete, but keeps his feet active.

Went to the Senior Bowl and really struggled.  Some people consider Sanders as early as a 2nd round target.  I have no idea what they see.  I don’t think he should go off the board until the 5th round.  Has serious potential, but needs work.


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