Tyrone Crawford


I’m a big fan of the way Crawford plays as he’s just a very physical guy at the point of attack who may not have posted big numbers, but his presence was felt. He does a nice job coming off the ball low and using leverage to use his long arms and control linemen. Tyrone also has very strong hands and will throw people around quite often when positioning himself to make plays against the run game or to keep himself and/or linebackers clean. Setting the edge is something he also excels at and he has the athleticism to collapse the pocket and move toward to ball and get a bit of a pass rush going, although it definitely isn’t his strong suit.

Crawford does show a lot of effort in the pass rush however. He’ll get low and come off the ball as quickly as he can, but he’s just not suited for it. Because of his size and the fact that he does lack some flexibility he doesn’t really keep great pad level trying to level off coming around the edge. In the NFL though, it’s not something he’ll be asked to do as much as bull rushing and simply using clubs or rips which he’ll be taught.

Crawford is an extremely hard working run defender who has a ways to go as a pass rusher; however I think he’s a very natural fit as a 3-4 DE, so it’s not a big deal. I’d value him somewhere toward the end of the Top 100.


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