Taylor Thompson


Thompson was a star TE coming out of HS.  He went to SMU and became a DE.  Scouts had him work out as a TE at an all star game and then again at his Pro Day.  Thompson put up terrific numbers and looked good in the TE drills.  Gil Brandt thinks he could be a Top 100 player.  Here are the workout numbers:

6-6, 259
VJ – 37 inches
BJ – 10’6
SS – 4.41
3C – 7.40
22 reps

Amazingly, the only major difference in his workout and Jimmy Graham’s is the 3-cone time.  Other than that, very similar (size too).

The lack of polished TE skills is a concern, but that is one position where you don’t need ideal pedigree.  The NFL has some really good TEs who have unconventional backgrounds. The key is to have the right combination of size and athleticism.  The actual football skills can be developed.

Thompson should go in the 3rd or 4th round.

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