Shea McClellin


McClellin has the toughness, physicality, athleticism and skill to thrive in a variety of roles. Boise took advantage of that.  They listed him at DE, but played all over. Was DE, OLB, and ILB. One of the rare guys who is a gifted football player and athlete.  So often you get one or the other.

McClellin has the perfect build for SAM (4-3 or 3-4). Physical enough to handle the POA on run plays. DE experience helps in that regard as well.  Has the size and strength to battle OL.  Good pass rusher.  More fast than quick.  Lacks the burst to be coveted by 4-3 teams as a DE.

Actually looks okay in coverage. Saw him in one game tracking the RB down the field on a wheel route. Does need work, but lots of potential. Great motor. Chases the ball all over. Doesn’t just feast on light competition. Had 2.5 sacks vs Georgia this year and 2.5 sacks vs Virginia Tech in 2010. 3-year starter.  Finished his career with 4 INTs, 20.5 sacks, 33 TFLs, and 5 FFs.  Played LB and RB in high school.

McClellin has an interesting body.  Boise listed him at 255 pounds.  He weighed 248 at the Senior Bowl, where he played WLB in the 4-3.  Was up to 260 at the Combine.  I think he did that to impress 3-4 teams, who would want him up in that range.  Weighed 257 at his Pro Day.  Seems like he can adjust to whichever position his team has him targeted for.

Played WLB at the Senior Bowl.  Had a good week of practice and then looked good in the game.  Here are my notes on him from the game:

WLB. Excellent feet, COD. Flowed to the left and stuffed RB coming up the middle. Willing to battle blockers. Had okay coverage of TE on pass play (ball went to WR). Showed good speed,hustle to chase down Joe Adams. Read screen pass. Crossed the face of the blocker and got in on tackle of RB. TFL. Good patience, awareness on the play. Hustled outside and got in on tackle of WR. Good tackle of Ganaway after pass play over the middle.

I think McClellin will be a 2nd round pick, most likely to a 3-4 team.

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