Robert Turbin


Junior.  Had a great season (1,517 yards, 19 TDs) and probably made a wise decision to come out.  Turbin has a huge upper body.  He’s 5’10, 222 and I think his biceps are about 200 of those pounds.  Downhill runner.  Can look really good at times, but on other plays he is a bit herky-jerky.  Reminds me of Marion Barber, only not as violent of a runner.

Has good vision. Able to find holes and/or running space.  Makes himself skinny when getting through the hole.  Strong enough to break arm tackles, but isn’t a punishing runner.   Has the speed to take plays all the way when he does get outside.  Athletic runner.  Will sometimes hop in the backfield as he’s waiting for his blocks to develop.  Then he has the burst to get upfield when there is a hole.

67-845-11 as a receiver. Looks good catching the ball.  Very good on screen passes.  Reads his blocks and does a good job of weaving through traffic.   Blocking does need work.  Even his chip blocks are unimpressive. Not a great sign from a RB with his strength/power.

Tested well at the Combine.  Only concern for me is that he looked a bit stiff in the positional drills.  That showed up on tape as well.  You don’t get as muscular as he is and also have great agility/flexibility.

I value Turbin in the 4th round, but other people seem to be higher on him so don’t be surprised if he goes in the early 3rd round.  I don’t project Turbin as a starter in the NFL.  I just don’t see him as a guy that I would want on the field 40 to 50 snaps a game in the NFL.  I think he could be an excellent role player.


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