Philip Blake


3-year starter. Played some at RT in the past, but is clearly an interior blocker in terms of size and skill set.   From Canada, like Baylor’s star OL from last year, Danny Watkins.  Did play some football in HS.  Went from there to Junior College, before landing at Baylor.  Started at C in his final 2 years for the Bears.

Talented prospect who still needs a lot of work.  Inconsistent on blocking at the second level.  There are times when he gets on LBs and looks really good.  Other times he is off balance and looks lost.  Moves well laterally.  Anchors well in pass pro. You aren’t driving him backward much.  Doesn’t get great push in the run game.  Can be good when he plays with good pad level and keeps his feet moving.  Has a habit of playing too high, which neutralizes his lower body strength.

Probably goes around the 5th round.  Needs work before he can be considered a starting caliber prospect.  Might be a better fit at G than C.

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