Nigel Bradham


Athletic LB with good size, but struggles with the physical side of things. Struggles to fight off blocks. Really struggles to shed blocks once he’s engaged. Plays well when he’s kept clean. Led FSU in tackles the last couple of years.  Had 21.5 career TFLs and 3 INTs.

Space LB. Keep him clean and let him run. Really looks the part. Great frame and body. More hitter than tackler. Does have some pop. Will engage blockers. Just has a hard time shedding. Makes some impressive, athletic tackles. Pursues pretty well. Does a good job of attacking targets when he’s on the run.  Better as backside player than POA guy.  Huge hit vs Miami WR drew a flag, but it was a clean hit. Great play by Bradham.  Made impressive diving INT vs Oklahoma.

Has the potential to be a good NFL player, but only if he embraces the physical side of the game.  Must learn to shed blocks.  Doesn’t lack ability.  Skilled LB.  Very good Combine workout.  Should go in the 3rd or 4th round.


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