Nick Foles


Started 31 games at Arizona. Has a huge frame, so when you toss on the film you’d immediately think you were going to see a big arm. Unfortunately, you won’t find that with Nick Foles. He does have his good qualities however. Foles is a bit of a game manager to me. To some, that’s a derogatory term. For me, it simply implies that he lacks elite tools, but does a good job of moving his offense up and down the field with what he does have.

He puts a nice touch on shorter passes and throws a very catchable ball. I see consistent ball placement on these throws which is important with the weapons he has at his disposal as his RBs and WRs pick up a lot of yards after the catch. His velocity on passes under 15 yards is good and he can zip the ball into tight spaces on the outside and inside within said range.

Foles immediately starts to scan the field when the ball touches his hands and does a good job of going through his progressions. He looks off safeties and linebackers and generally doesn’t stare down his receivers. At times, he’ll use a simple pump fake to get defenders off their feet and deliver the ball to his target. I see a quarterback that is very cool in the pocket and isn’t afraid to take a hit, but unfortunately – he’s also a guy who is a bit of a statue and doesn’t escape pressure well at all – taking too many sacks.

A big issue with Nick Foles is his arm strength. In reviewing a few games I didn’t see him throw one ball over 20 yards that looked like it had good velocity or a tight spiral on it. That’s not a good sign. His deep ball floats terribly and wobbles like a duck at times, making him extremely interception prone. Even when he’s on the run outside of the pocket, he’ll hit short routes very well, but if he has to throw the ball even 15 yards downfield – he’s always behind his receiver and low. Foles just doesn’t have great arm strength. In fact, I believe he shows a mediocre arm.

Nick has always been a quarterback I’ve enjoyed watching. He spreads the ball around really well, moves the chains and is the master of the forward shuffle pass (driving his coaches crazy I’m sure). That said, he cannot make all of the NFL throws and it’s obvious on film. I don’t care what he did at his Pro Day or what his Combine numbers were; the proof is there.

If I’m a team looking for a solid backup to groom, I’d start to value him in the 5th round, but probably look more for a 6th or 7th round selection. It’s tough to place an exact value on him that late. Frankly, I like him more than Brock Osweiler as a player, but he just doesn’t have Brock’s natural tools.


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