Michael Brewster


4 year starter. Early in his career it looked like he might develop into a great player.  It was hoped he could become a Nick Mangold level of C.  Never happened.  Brewster is a talented prospect, but never put it all together and took his game to the next level.

Brewster is good with his hands.  Sustains blocks really well. Effort player.  Shows good awareness in pass pro.  Able to handle stunts, loops, and zone blitzes.

Doesn’t shown anything special in terms of movement skills.  Doesn’t have great feet, which causes him to reach more than you’d like. Gets his body overextended at times and DL can easily out-muscle him then.  Doesn’t get good push in the run game.  Struggled with getting moved back on GL plays. Lacks lower body strength.  You see this on tape.  Also showed up in his Combine workout.  Posted poor VJ (25 inches) and BJ (8 feet even). Lacks the balance and agility you expect from a player his size.  Isn’t consistently good at getting to the second level and blocking LBs.  Sloppy player more than he should be.

Keeps his arms too close to his body when not engaged. Occasionally misses blocks because of that. Needs to have them ready to go.  Odd note.  Had problems with shotgun snaps for part of the Penn State game.  Not sure if that had anything to do with blocking Devon Still or was just an anomaly.

Had a pretty good showing at the Senior Bowl.  Won the overall matchup with DT Mike Martin.  They went head-to-head in the drills a lot.  Martin won some battles, but Brewster won the war.

Mid-round pick.  Has the potential to start in the NFL, but still needs work and that’s not a good thing for someone that was a 4-year starter at Ohio State.

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