Jeff Allen


4-year starter. Has played RT and LT. Illinois moved to a system where Allen played the weak tackle spot (no TE help). Looks comfortable on both sides.  Better run blocker than pass blocker.  Has some athletic ability, but lacks ideal agility.

Good pad level. Comes off the ball quickly. Not a smooth athlete, but effective on the 2nd level. Nasty streak.  Finishes his blocks.  Strong.  Good effort as run blocker.  Good on short yardage situations.

Not smooth with his kick slide, but has okay feet. Has a good jab step to the inside when he’s supposed to reach block. Knee-bender. Does a good job of reading stunts.  Active feet.  Sustains well when he does get his hands on a defender.

Allen had a solid showing at the Senior Bowl, in the game and practices.  Showed versatility as he played RT, LT, and OG.  Up and down at the Combine.  3-cone time was 8.01, which isn’t good for a player his size.

I like Allen as a RT prospect.  Could also start at G.  I don’t think he has the pass protection skills for LT.  Should go in the 3rd round.


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