J.R. Sweezy

DT J.R. SWEEZY – NC STATE – 6-5, 298

Sweezy is an interesting late round target/priority UDFA. I was surprised when he was invited to the Combine, but then Sweezy had a really strong performance.  He’s 6-5, 298.  Ran 5.01 in the 40.  Had a 36 inch VJ.  Did 7.40 in the 3-cone.  At the NC State Pro Day Sweezy ran under 4.9.

After the Combine I re-watched some tape and you can see his athletic ability.  Good pass rusher.  Quick off the ball and has a good rip move.  Plays the NT in some Nickel/Dime sets.  Speed shows up when he’s in pursuit.  Covers a lot of ground for a DT.

Needs to get stronger.  Isn’t physical enough.  Does use his hands well when fighting off blocks, but is a finesse rusher.  Can be good vs the run when he plays with good pad level.  There was a play in the bowl game where he got under the blockers pads and used a rip move to get free to his left and stuffed the RB for no gain.  Other times he is too upright and less effective.

There was another play in the bowl game that showed his natural talent.  Got down in a 4-point stance.  Fired off the ball and used a rip move to get penetration to the inside.  The run went outside.  Sweezy turned and then hurdled a DL/OL that had fallen down.  He did this very naturally.  “Oh look, I’ve got to leap over a couple of bodies.  No big deal.”  It wasn’t some Olympic highlight move, but it was impressive from a 298-pound DT.

I don’t think Sweezy can start in the NFL without a lot of work, but he’s got the potential to be a good interior pass rush specialist.  Had 10.5 sacks and 22 TFLs in his career.  I also wonder if an OL coach or two might wonder about trying him at OT.  Fun player to watch.  Late round pick or priority FA.


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