Isaiah Pead


Has taken his handoffs almost exclusively out of the shotgun at Cincinnati under two coaching regimes and is accustomed to a zone-blocking scheme. Always has been a player that has been undersized, but has the vision and toughness to play past that. Nice job of letting plays develop in front of him and quickly picking a hole without wasting steps in the backfield. Has a good burst and is generally a downhill runner, but possesses a great ability to cutback as well which he has made a name for himself with. Fights through initial contact and has good balance that allows him to bounce off of hits and keep his feet. More quick than fast, but can chip away with some bigger runs and also get outside the tackle box occasionally.

Generally shows good hands and not only catches the ball out of the backfield, but will line up as a Z-receiver as well in the Bearcat offense (their Z is the slot). Not a great route-runner, but gets good depth on routes and catches with his hands. Makes up for his lack of dominating speed by using the sideline and angles well on the field. Just a very intelligent running back that always finds ways to be productive. Really needs to work on keeping a lower pad level on the field. Can get completely upright at times at the point of impact which is a worry. People have applauded his pass protection skills – I don’t see it. Pead is mediocre at best in that department from what I’ve seen. In Isaiah, I see a very willing and aggressive blocker that overextends and gets beat far too much and gives up sacks instead of just getting the defender out of the play.

Pead is a guy that isn’t going to appeal to every team. When I watch him, I think of a running back the Broncos would have liked a lot as a mid-rounder back in the day. He’s intelligent, a veteran and is tough. I’d put a 4th round value on this Bearcat.


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Elusive RB with good speed and vision.  Has the ability to make guys miss and get out in the open field.  Ran for 3,288 yards and 27 TDs in his career.  Good receiver.  Caught 87 passes at UC.  Value is enhanced if teams think he can be a PR or KOR.  Has limited PR experience, but did that at Senior Bowl and had a pair of long returns.  Showed the ability to make the first guy miss, the most critical skill for a PR.

Doesn’t project as a starter in the NFL, but could be an excellent role player.  Can run, catch, and return.  Pass blocking needs work, but he has potential.  Goes in the 3rd or 4th.


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