Doug Martin


Very interesting career. Almost ended up on defense, but the coaches were smart enough to leave him on offense and he did some great things. Ran for 3,431 yards and 43 TDs in his career. Averaged 5.6 ypc for his career. Productive receiver, too. 67-715-4. Good KOR. Averaged 28 yards per KOR. Had a 99-yard KOR TD in Boise’s bowl win over Arizona State.

Such a gifted, natural runner that it is hard to believe Boise ever considered moving him. Martin has terrific vision. Reads blocks well. Able to find cutback lanes. Has the ability to get to those lanes and take advantage of the running room. He has good speed and runs hard. Mostly a N-S runner, but can be elusive when he needs to. Will use a spin move at times. Runs with good pace. Isn’t in a hurry to get to the hole. Explodes upfield when he finally does find his running lane. No hesitation. Short frame might throw people off. Compact build with a huge barrel chest. Breaks more tackles than you might expect. Good receiver. Has good hands and catches the ball naturally. Martin had a huge game in the bowl win over ASU with his KOR TD and 151 rushing yards.

3-down back because he can run, catch, and block.  Could be a Ray Rice type of RB.  Should be 2nd round pick.

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