Demario Davis


Athletic LB with excellent potential.  Was a late addition to the Senior Bowl and has been a steady climber since then.  Prior to that was flying under the radar at Arkansas State.

It is hard to describe how ASU used him.  Davis lined up all over and did a variety of things.  Probably got most of his snaps as an ILB.  Davis has the best lateral agility of any LB in the draft.  Able to move side to side without having to open and turn his hips.  Much harder than it sounds.  That allows him to stay square to the LOS and play the run effectively.  Able to take on targets head on instead of from the side.

Effective player between the tackles.  Has good instincts and does a solid job of diagnosing plays.  Wrap up tackler who can strike his targets.  Has good closing speed.   Fills well vs the run.  Biggest issue for Davis is dealing with OL. He will engage blockers, but struggles to shed them.  Much more effective when he’s kept clean and can flow to the ball.

Davis has excellent speed and range.  Able to make plays all over.  Shows great burst when he’s out in the open.  Good cover skills.  Comfortable playing in space.  Had 4 career INTs.  Anyone who had doubts about his athleticism had to be blown away by Davis Combine showing.

4.61 in the 40
32 reps
38.5 VJ
7.19 3-cone
4.28 SS

Good STer in college and could contribute there in the NFL until he’s able to find a spot on defense.  Some teams will love him at MLB.  Others will want his speed on the outside.  Does have the potential to be a good starting LB in the NFL.  Should go in the 3rd round.


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