Brock Osweiler


Only started 15 games for Arizona State and then left early after his junior year because of coaching changes. Former basketball recruit who could have gone to play at Gonzaga. We’re talking about what I’d consider a very, very raw prospect here that you would only develop to sit on your bench for at least a year.

Starting off in the pocket, Osweiler’s footwork and throwing motion leave a lot to be desired. He often throws either straight-legged or completely off his back foot while falling backward and has a slow, three-quarter delivery. I’d be fine with the delivery if he wasn’t shot putting (no follow through) and the footwork has to get better. He is poised in the pocket and is a really tough kid however. I’ve seen him take a ton of hits and Brock isn’t afraid to get smacked while delivering the ball. Unfortunately, his pocket presence is lacking. Takes too many sacks and doesn’t feel the pass rush well. Good athlete for his size, but isn’t going to outrun anyone in the NFL.

You can see that he has a strong arm, but they didn’t let him use it much at Arizona State. Most of his passes were short and intermediate routes with a ton of screens to the running backs and zero or short routes to receivers. Osweiler was very comfortable making those throws to the outside of the field. When it came to throwing to the inside of the field, I saw a mediocre quarterback at best sometimes. While he threw with good velocity over the middle he too often would throw high or behind his receivers – a recipe for disaster. Also, this is a guy who is very confident, but there’s a difference between being confident in a one-on-one situation and in traffic. Osweiler forced the ball into traffic and hit defenders in some games as much as he hit his own players.

I question this quarterback’s instincts and ability to read the field as well. He just doesn’t go through progressions and you can see that easily watching any film. Osweiler seems to always cut the field in half and stare down his initial target. He got away with it a lot, but there were some games that he put his receivers in pain because of it.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot to work with physically here. You’ve got a big QB with a strong arm and athleticism. I love his fire and passion on the field. At times you’ll see him air the ball out deep (very little which concerned me) and trust his receivers one-on-one. He’s a tough guy. It’s just that in his “best games” statistically, he still had bad games. A great example is Boise State in 2011. He completed 30 of 47 passes for 395 yards and 2 TDs to an INT. Great game, right? Go watch that game. He took a ton of sacks, should have been picked off at least six times and almost all of those receptions were short passes that receivers took for more.

A lot has been made of Osweiler’s value lately and while I understand quarterback is at a premium, I wouldn’t touch him until the 5th round. Raw ability is great to have, but I have some huge questions about his ability to run an NFL offense.


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