Brandon Weeden


Former minor league player came to OSU and started for 2 years. Looks the part of a starting NFL QB, physically and otherwise. Carries himself well. Not arrogant, but self assured. Age is a concern. Will turn 29 in October of his rookie season. Might be 1st round prospect aside from that. Good size. Strong arm. Can throw downfield. Also has good zip on throws. Good touch on short throws. Mostly accurate. Tends to throw high when he is off target. Bad habit of putting the ball up for grabs when under heavy pressure. Decision making can be erratic. That’s partially a product of the OSU offense. It is so well designed and run that most of the time the targets are wide open. Those plays where the defense “guesses” right can catch the QB off guard. Weeden has the physical gifts to step in and play QB right away, but his QB skills need work. Watching him at the Senior Bowl you could see the talent. You could also see his struggles when playing in a conventional system against very talented competition. He must learn how to read defenses and anticipate plays. At OSU he had simple reads that generally focused on open receivers. Weeden has the intelligence and maturity to be a quick learner. That’s important for a player of his age. He’s on a short timetable. ¬†Should go in the 2nd round, but won’t surprise me if a team reaches for him in the late 1st.

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