Bobby Wagner


4-year starter and a high quality LB prospect.  Trying to watch him is tricky.  USU lined him up all over.  Sometimes he was an ILB.  Other times OLB.  He was a stand up rusher in some passing situations.  Left side.  Right side.  Over the G at times.  Dude was all over the place.

Wagner has the athleticism and skill set to handle that role.  He is 6’0, 241.   Wagner can be patient by sitting back, reading plays, and then flowing to the football.  He can also attack upfield.  He looks like a natural pass rusher.  I was surprised at how effective he was when lined up over a G.  Wagner does a good job of using his hands to keep blockers off his body.  He’s got natural strength.  He also has a good motor and won’t stay blocked.

Some teams could look at Wagner as an ILB.  He moves well through trash and is able to consistently find the ball.  He is a good tackler.  Can wrap up and drive targets down or stop a RB with his shoulder.

The one concern I have is COD (change of direction).  There were a couple of plays against La Tech where Wagner looked slow/stiff when changing direction.  It would have been great to see him at the Combine to get a feel for how he looks at his best.  He does have good speed and agility.  Jumps well.  Overall, good athlete.

Updated with Pro Day info:  Per Gil Brandt, weighed in at 235.  Ran 4.46.  Had a 39.5 VJ.  Had a 3-cone time of 7.03.  Also had 24 reps on the bench.  That is a great workout.

Wagner was the Senior Bowl MVP.  Picked off a pass and had 7 tackles.  Was physical and athletic.  Had a good week of practice as well.  At this point, Wagner will go in the 2nd round.


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