Bernard Pierce


Junior.  Incredibly productive RB.  Ran for 3,570 yards and 53 TDs in 3 years.  Only caught 19 passes. Temple had a highly inconsistent passing game so there is no good way to really judge Pierce as a pass catcher.

Really runs behind his pads and is one of those running backs who you can count on to fall forward consistently for extra yardage. Just coils up and explodes into defenders to make sure he gets the win at the end of the play. Has good vision and picks his hole quickly. Downhill runner with very little if any wasted steps in the backfield. Really does a nice job of trusting the play and waiting for blocks to set up in front of him before taking off.

While pounding between the tackles is his strong suit, Pierce can get on the perimeter and make plays. You can see some looseness in his hips that allows him to put moves on defenders in space and make them miss when going off tackle. Again, very nice job on toss plays of waiting for blocks to set up, but not staying too deep behind the line seal so that a defender can knife in off the line and get to him. Good cutback ability and while he’s not a burner, Pierce does have the speed to get in the open field and make big runs. If you have vision, patience and enough athleticism, you can start in the NFL.

Bernard is a prospect with some athletic limitations, but he’s a workhorse running back who ran much better than expected at his Pro Day. I expect him to go off the board somewhere in the 3rd round.


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