Adam Gettis

OG ADAM GETTIS – IOWA – 6-2, 293

Started 13 games in 2011.  Was injured for most of 2010.  The previous 2 years he was a backup.  Did play well as the starting RG in his Senior season.  Lacks ideal size, but plays bigger than he is.

Solid pass blocker.  Keeps his feet active.  Plays with a wide base and good pad level.  Anchors well.  Doesn’t have great feet.  Isn’t a very quick player.  Slower off the ball than you’d like.  Good awareness. Good hand punch.

Excellent effort as a run blocker. Sustains well.  Good pad level. Strong. Can move defenders off the ball when he gets under their pads. Nasty streak. Finishes his blocks. Effective on short pulls.

Value is hurt by limited experience, lack of ideal size, and only so-so athleticism, but he does have NFL potential.  Won’t be for every team, but could go in the 5th round.


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